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The House Healer Price List 2023


Distant Property Healing

Do you live in a happy, peaceful home? Or does it feel sad and stressful?

Once my work is complete the energy in your home will be in harmony.


How much does it cost to have a Distant Property Healing?

Initially free of charge on all enquiries, I request clients to email a rough floor plan of their property to me, with their name and address applied and I will provide an overall check on the energy, from -5 (non beneficial energies/geopathic stress) to +5 (good energy).  I map dowse to find the geopathic stress, geomagnetic and geopsychic levels and assess the removal and rebalancing of the energies from past and present occupants and earthbound souls - all of which can affect the energy level within a property. 

My fees vary depending on the size of the property and the work involved.  A quote will be given when I have seen the plans and as a general guide a small flat or 2/3 bedroomed property will be from £195. 

Distant Energy Healing

Once their property is rebalanced, most clients take the opportunity of rebalancing their own energies to the maximum potential at the same time. Many clients who have had a property healing in the past have regular distant healing sessions.  Price per session: £50

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