The House Healer Price List 2020


Distant Healing of the Energies in the Home

  • Map dowsing from a floor plan of the property to find Geopathic stress (earth's natural radiation); Geopsychic stress (removal and rebalancing of energies from past and present occupants affecting the property, earthbound souls, etc) and Geomagnetic stress (affecting the property and client).

  • Once the work is complete, the energy will be in harmony.

Price: up to 4 bedroomed property - £175; 5/6 bedrooms - £225; Larger properties please enquire.
Land up to an acre - £100, to 5 acres - £150, more than POA

Distant healing and occupants (as above) but reduced priced if occupants have energy rebalancing at the same time of £35 per person.


Distant Healing of Clients

This session will involve healing and rebalancing the energies of the client, with suggestions on how to improve their life, thoughts, feelings and emotions in order to live in the present moment, in a calmer and more detached way!  I do not make fixed appointment times as I am guided to the appropriate time to do the healing, so I will contact you either on the day I work or day before, but you will not be required to do anything.  After the healing I will reply by email on the session.

Price: £65 per session; further sessions £55
Emergency Appointments (within 3 days) if available: £65 per session

'On Site' Healing of Home/Occupants

  • As above, but 'on site'. Both work equally well, but some people like to see how the work is carried out and experience it for themselves. 'On site' healing involves additional cost to cover travel expenses.

Price: please enquire

Commercial & Institutional Property

Price: please enquire

The Power of Conscious Living

Sandra Kendrew's book, 'The Power of Conscious Living' is available from this website. If already a client, it can be included with your report for £7.50 including p&p.