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How to Recreate Your Life and Find the Key to True Happiness

Sandra Kendrew's new book, 'The Power of Conscious Living', is now available.

The Power of Conscious Living - Sandra Kendrew

£12.99 Regular Price
£9.50Sale Price
  • The world is going through difficult and challenging times, as is humanity which is awakening rapidly. We need to start healing the world by changing our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

    Once we create a shift in our consciousness as this book will show, we will change the world and regain peace and harmony. Find the key to true lasting happiness in this book, which has helpful guidance and exercises to bring freedom, truth and awakening as you read it.

    Become a co-creator of your life, rewrite your life script and live consciously in every moment. Stop being a victim to anything or anyone. Take a step now into this new consciousness and discover the powerful being that you are.

    Stop just existing and start to live!
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