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Are you tired of being ill and not finding the cause?

Is your house or workplace affecting your health or vitality?

Are your emotions and beliefs stopping you creating Your reality?


If you recognise this as yourself, or your situation, then I can help: I have devised my own system of healing with Intent, which adds potency and accuracy to the overall healing and balancing of a property and the people who live or work within it.

Are you sleeping in a safe place?

Welcome to The House Healer website!

"Hello and thank you for visiting my website.  My work consists of rebalancing the energies of a client, and the environment of their property, as well as helping to empower people, and showing them how to create their own reality, live in truth and freedom as we are meant to do, instead of suffering. " 
Sandra Kendrew, The House Healer

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NEW! The Power of Conscious Living by Sandra Kendrew.


How to recreate your life and find the key to true happiness.

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