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Testimonials for The House Healer


I constantly receive feedback and testimonial letters from satisfied clients - demonstrating the effectiveness of the work that I do. Many clients come from the US, as well as the UK and the dowsing/healing work undertaken covers a range of premises including homes, offices, shops, factories and hospitals. Here is just a small selection:

Sleeping better
Thanks Sandra, the place does feel better and for the most part I am sleeping better. I appreciate you taking the time to check in and if it does drop again (despite my best efforts) I am more than happy to fund your remediation work. Thank you! - J B (USA)


Sandra's advice is simple yet extremely effective
We are indebted to Sandra for her special healing work. At our lowest point we were unable to sleep in our house, our relationship was endangered, our health very poor and our financial situation seemed truly hopeless. Sandra did healing work for ourselves and our house and we noticed the improvements immediately. Sandra's advice is simple and yet extremely effective if taken seriously. All aspects of her help have proven of long-term value, and when we recently asked for Sandra's assistance in enabling a harmonious sale of our house, we were delighted to be able to sign the contract within 4 weeks of her work. We can wholeheartedly recommend Sandra's healing work!
- Mr & Mrs Lauren, Germany


The work you did has made a huge difference
Hi Sandra, I wanted to email a thank you for the work you have carried out on my home. I had been ill with severe headaches and pain at the top of the head since I brought my home many years ago. Over a period of time I had three people try to make the energy better and for me to be able to sleep and not wake with a headache or indeed, not have a headache as soon as I walked into the house. I even rented it out for a few years just to get away.  The work you did last month has made a huge difference. I no longer get a headache each day and the best part is I do not worry about being in the house. The balancing of my chakras also made a difference as the work cleared up a long standing health problem that I had ever since I did some body work. Thank you so much and I do feel looked after knowing you will be checking the house in a few months. Your quick and friendly emails truly helped me to engage with you. Thank you.  Mrs W, (London)


Things have changed dramatically
Just catching up on how my daughter and granddaughter are after the Distant Healing you did on their home (I organised this with you as a gift for them). My daughter was always feeling depressed, lacked energy and had niggling health issues constantly, my granddaughter was constantly tired, getting ill, having two operations, and had a low appetite.

Since the Distant Healing things have change dramatically, they both have much more energy, sound positive when I talk with them and their sickness problems seemed to have gone, Truly it is amazing but what is more amazing to me is when I spoke on the phone yesterday with my daughter (they live in Melbourne) she told me she was going on holiday to Perth in a few days I was so so suprised because for years she would not go on holiday ever!!!  I dont have to keep my fingers crossed anymore, its been a few months since you did the Distant Healing on their house and it has help them, including her husband, enormously. I want to say the biggest thankyou to you straight from my heart. I will keep in touch from time to time. Regards Mrs L (Adelaide)


You have changed our lives
For me, to say thank you hardly says much because you have changed our lives! I only wish that more people were informed about the silent unseen effects of geopathic stresses, especially here in the US.  Britain and Europe (and elsewhere) are much more enlightened (about everything) but American thought still clings to an outdated logics.  I tell as many people as I know and encounter about you and how you have helped and I hope to return to you in a few more months with exemplary report. Regards, John ( USA )


Thank you Sandra

I wanted to feed back to you the healing and rebalancing of energy you did at my in-laws new house early this year.  From the moment they bought their new house, nasty things started to happen at the property: they were burgled 3 times in 6 weeks, their builder cut his finger off, I got concussion, my father-in-law injured his back, then my mother-in-law broke her ankle so badly she was hospitalised for a week.  She wished out loud on many occasions that she had never moved into the house.  Her ankle recovery was slow and miserable until you did the healing at the house.  After your healing she suddenly became inspired with her physiotherapy, her mood is far more positive and she looks healthier than she has in 5 years.  Her husbands back healed and the renovation work that had been so slow suddenly started to progress well.  The endless accidents to any poor soul who visited the property have stopped and their home renovation is now complete.  Thank you so much Sandra-you have literally changed their lives.  Mrs G.G. Hampshire


Her healing of us and the house was a turning point in our lives!

A year ago I was looking for a house healer.  My husband was recovering from a terrible illness and we had lost two of our cats from unexplained reasons which alerted me as I have had cats all my life and which galvanised our decision to move as soon as possible, except that the sale proved to be long and protracted.  One day, clearing out some papers prior to packing, I came across a cutting about Sandra which I had kept for a few years and filed away in the event that I might need her services.  I contacted her and asked for a house healing as well as individual healing for both of us.  Her healing of us and the house was a turning point and also revealed some things into the open which enabled us to work towards clinching the deal.  We did the same again for the new house and everyone who visits tells us it has a nice welcoming ambience.  I now wish we had done all this years ago and urge anyone thinking of having this done, not to prevaricate.  Thank you Sandra, Vivienne Evans, London


Our business has gone from strength to strength!

For years our business struggled although we knew we were selling good products, so after reading about Sandra and understanding how energies affect the property and occupants we decided to contact her.  Within 2/3 months our business rocketed we are now the leading suppliers in the area, so we are eternally grateful and would definately recommend Sandra if you want to feel better emotionally and mentally, which helps you move forward with confidence!  I cant thank you enough!!  Mr & Mrs. Thompson, USA

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