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About Sandra Kendrew: 'The House Healer'


My work consists of rebalancing the energies of a client, and the environment of their property, as well as helping to empower people, and showing them how to create their own reality, live in truth and freedom as we are meant to do, instead of suffering.


I qualified as a Nutrition Consultant  and have been working as a Geopathic Stress Consultant, dowsing and healing for over 20 years. I work as an eclectic practitioner, combining life coaching, psychotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), dowsing, reiki and other forms of healing.


I have also researched the best water to drink and found the answer in the USA: an amazing water unit devised by Professor Clayton Nolte.

Healing Properties
Energy is invisible, but it is the feeling we have when entering a property, either a happy, welcoming one and we enjoy being there, or it's a feeling of heaviness and you can't wait to 'get out'.

After 20 years of healing people, either in person or remotely, as both work equally well, I decided ‘why not heal the harmful energies within 'sick buildings'?.

After a number of years, I realised it had the same positive results healing a property with focused intent, 'on site' as well as distantly, and of course is much cheaper!

My aim is to bring self-empowerment and soul freedom back to the individual, and Re-write your Lifescript, and stop being a victim! Information about these courses will be online soon. The work I do is always for the highest good of all concerned.

My Aim
My aim is to bring self empowerment, create your own reality by rewriting your lifescript, and freedom from fear, which brings intelligence, peace, harmony and abundance.

Through my 'Emotional Transformation Process', I help people to see the truth behind emotions and feelings, allowing them to let go of the past, and fear of the future, and live in the present moment. This helps clear patterns of the subconscious mind.

Tip: To free a busy mind, start watching the thoughts as often as you can, especially repetitive patterns, with no judgement, just acceptance, you then enter a new dimension of consciousness, where the thought loses its power as you have stopped giving it energy.

The Influence Of Geopathic Stress
I have found over 80% of people suffering from illness are sleeping in Geopathic Stress. We have natural earth energies/rays that rise up from the earth constantly, and when they encounter subterranean water, minerals, fault lines, quarrying, construction, earthquakes etc, this natural wavelength becomes distorted and harmful to to our health.


Sandra Kendrew
MICSc, Dip Life Coaching, Psychotherapy
Geopathic Stress Consultant, Healer, & Dowser
Professional Register of British Society of Dowsers
Member of BCMA / Healer Foundation

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Price List - click here for The House Healer price list (PDF)





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