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Geopathic Stress


What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress (GS) is the earth's natural radiation that becomes distorted by weak electromagnetic fields caused by underground water, mineral deposits, fault lines, quarrying, construction, earthquakes, weather etc.

Geopathic Stress does not cause illness, but scientific research shows it lowers the immune system and therefore your ability to fight virus, bacteria and parasites. It can contribute to Cancer, ME, Heart Problems, Stress, Hyperactivity, Cot Deaths, Miscarriages, Depression, Physical & Mental Illnesses, Lethargy, Allergies, Insomnia etc. It is, therefore, important not to sleep or work in Geopathic Stress.

We have evolved at 7.83 Hz, but strong GS can vibrate as high as 250Hz. Even though you may not have heard of GS you will have felt the effects of it: We have all walked into a house and felt uneasy or wanted to get out - what's more, some people always seem to be ill!

In 1929, the German Scientist Von Pohl, and others since, have proved one is unlikely to develop cancer unless they have slept in a geopathically stressed place.

What is Electromagnetic Stress?
We are living in a world of man-made pollution, due to phone masts, pylons, underground cables, phone base stations, wifi, Bluetooth, microwaves, baby monitors etc. Useful website:


It is very important to remember, as Einstein said: ALL ENERGY CAN BE TRANSMUTED!  This includes electromagnetic and other non beneficial energies we are surrounded by.  The more we raise our own consciousness we are able to protect ourselves against detrimental  energies affecting our health.  I am able to teach and help with this in my work.


What is Geopsychic Stress?
There can be unbalanced energies within a property from present or previous occupants, or from the land the house is built upon, making people feel ill at ease, and can create arguments. This can also be rebalanced sucessfully remotely, or 'on site'.


If a family are constantly arguing or there has been sadness expressed, the expelled energy remains within the home.  This needs rebalancing and if not will create more of the same, making the environment not a happy one!  Once I have rebalanced a property I show people how to do this for themselves.  Laughter will always raise the energy of a place!


A large percentage of 'sick buildings' I have found have an 'earthbound soul', therefore needs to be moved on.  This can change the energy immediately.

Some people can also attract 'an attachment' within their auric field.  Dr Alan Sanderson, a psychiatrist, found that in many of his depressed patients, once this attachment had gone, his client would make a remarkable recovery.  If it can transform a person's life from negative to a positive happy one, what can the harm be in this work?


Removal of Geopathic/Electro/Geopsychic Stress
Initially I require your address and dowse to see if GS is present, and check your energy field. This is a free service. If it is present I will require a rough plan of your home and health issues to enable me to look into it in more depth. Usually if someone is sleeping in GS, it is within their body, this can also be healed distantly. I will send a report on my findings, along with helpful advice on how to rebalance the energies and ways of creating your own reality. Generally most of my work is done distantly, unless a site visit is preferred, and I dowse to see if anything is required to maintain the harmony of the home.


What is Dowsing?
Dowsing is a tool which has been used for centuries to connect with our intuition. The left side of the brain asks a question, the right side answers. Dowsing goes back several thousand years and practised by the Chinese and Egyptians. It is said Queen Victoria sent dowsers to check the land for good energy before Balmoral was built. There is no doubt Moses was a skilled dowser (ref: Exodus 17:5-6 and Numbers 20:10-11).


In the 16th century miners used twigs to dowse for minerals, 18th century dowsers were more respected than surveyors for finding water and oil. The water and electricity boards carry dowsing rods as do many other organisations.

Life has become a maze - which diet, which pills, allopathic or complementary medicine/therapist, etc, how do we choose? Dowsing can save us so much time and money.


Being still and unattached to the outcome is the secret and a skill in itself, but can be learnt. Dowsing can be used to detect the health of a person and the health of the environment you live. As long as it is used for the highest good of all concerned.



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