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Distance Healing


"The cause of all illness is emotion."

Once we learn how to fine tune this, we can pick up many signals and messages, and have the ability to harness this energy as healers do, and heal yourself, others, and your environment.

You can be the creator of your life!

Through my Emotional Transformation Process, I help you clear patterns of the subconscious mind, have freedom from fear, allowing you to be who you are, as Dr Wayne Dyer says, "We Are Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience".

Energy flows within us and without, we are all connected, every thought, word and action is energy. Where are thoughts are, our energy goes. I offer distant healing to clients worldwide and it is as effective as "hands on healing".

An Energy Healing Service
Healing is an energy transference like electricity or light and travels fast. I use my own system of healing and intent, which adds potency and accuracy to the overall healing and balancing of the property and client. As a House Healer, I provide a geopathic site survey and energy healing service. Once I have the floor plans of a property, I map dowse and draw in the detrimental energy lines, spirals etc. As part of the service, as there is no separation, I dowse the energy field and chakras etc of the occupants.

I remotely heal unbalanced energies within properties, and balance the energy fields of the client and give suggestions on how they can help themselves. Healing whether on site, or remotely is just as effective. A report is sent, enclosing the findings along with the floor plans, with ways to keep the energy clear & flowing. I also monitor the property for several weeks.

Most people report feeling brighter, more energy, improved relationships, more optimistic, and no need to move!!

A site visit can be arranged but this will incur travel expenses, but the client can be shown how to dowse for themselves!

We are alive because Life Force Energy, sometimes known as Chi or Prana, is flowing through us, out of us into the aura and beyond into the universe.

Healers harness this energy and channel it through them into the client or whatever is worked upon. This can be channelled distantly just as efficiently.

We are energy beings and when faced with certain emotions, if we hold onto them, the energy is held within our body, which eventually if not dealt with, can turn into illness. E MOTION is energy in motion, which is how we should live our lives, allowing the energy to flow. Healers help us to unblock this energy.


Private Consultations
As an eclectic practitioner, qualified in Nutrition, Healing, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom (EFT), Psyche K, Geopathic Stress and Dowsing, I have devised my own way of healing to find the causative triggers of ill health and stress. Click here to read more about one-one private consultations with Sandra Kendrew.

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