What is dowsing?
Dowsing is to search with the aid of a simple tool such as a pendulum or L Rods, for that which is hidden. It has tended to mainly be associated with finding underground water, oil etc, and dowsing can transform energy into a positive form. Water Boards carry dowsing rods as do many establishments.

Dowsing is an inner process, connecting the conscious with the subconscious mind- A BRIDGE BETWEEN MATTER AND SPIRIT.

Through Dowsing you can find missing objects, select medicines / remedies, locate health problems and find non beneficial energies such as Geopathic / Electromagnetic/ Geopsychic Stress within properties, which can then be healed and transformed into beneficial energies.

Dowsing can be carried out at a distance - that is, on the next continent, just as effectively as in the next room.

Initially, I distantly dowse the address of your property for free to detect if there is GS present. If it is, I will ask you to send a rough floor plan of your property, so I can map dowse to find where the lines of detrimental energies are, and anything else that is going on will be reported. This can be a home, office, business, hospital, school etc.

As Within, So Without
As there is no separation, I dowse the health of the occupants of the home. Healing is then carried out distantly, unless a site visit is requested and I send a report of my findings, giving suggestions on how you can maintain the harmony of your property.

As people create their own environment, I provide advice on Rewriting Your Lifescript and Creating Your Own Reality.




Courses on Transformation through Dowsing
Heal your Home and Your Self - click here for further information on courses

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 "We are indebted to Sandra for her special healing work. At our lowest point we were unable to sleep in our house, our relationship was endangered, our health very poor and our financial situation seemed truly hopeless. Sandra did healing work for ourselves and our house and we noticed the improvements immediately. Sandra's advice is simple and yet extremely effective if taken seriously. All aspects of her help have proven of long-term value, and when we recently asked for Sandra's assistance in enabling a harmonious sale of our house, we were delighted to be able to sign the contract within 4 weeks of her work. We can wholeheartedly recommend Sandra's healing work!"

-Mr & Mrs Lauren, Germany


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