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What is dowsing?
Dowsing is to search with the aid of a simple tool such as a pendulum or L Rods, for that which is hidden. It has tended to mainly be associated with finding underground water, oil etc, and dowsing can transform energy into a positive form. Water Boards carry dowsing rods as do many establishments.

Dowsing is an inner process, connecting the conscious with the subconscious mind- A BRIDGE BETWEEN MATTER AND SPIRIT.

Through Dowsing you can find missing objects, select medicines / remedies, locate health problems and find non beneficial energies such as Geopathic / Electromagnetic/ Geopsychic Stress within properties, which can then be healed and transformed into beneficial energies.

Dowsing can be carried out at a distance - that is, on the next continent, just as effectively as in the next room.

Initially, I distantly dowse the address of your property for free to detect if there is GS present. If it is, I will ask you to send a rough floor plan of your property, so I can map dowse to find where the lines of detrimental energies are, and anything else that is going on will be reported. This can be a home, office, business, hospital, school etc.

As Within, So Without
As there is no separation, I dowse the health of the occupants of the home. Healing is then carried out distantly, unless a site visit is requested and I send a report of my findings, giving suggestions on how you can maintain the harmony of your property.

As people create their own environment, I provide advice on Rewriting Your Lifescript and Creating Your Own Reality.




Courses on Transformation through Dowsing
Heal your Home and Your Self - click here for further information on courses

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