Dowsing & Healing with Sandra Kendrew
Re-write your life script - Stop being a victim!

With my Dowsing courses, you will be shown how to re -create the way to live and be more positive, stress free and live in harmony.

I run regular Courses in Dowsing as well as House Healing and Personal Life Transformation, in groups or on a one-to-one basis.


Details of all current courses are provided below. If you are interested in attending and transforming your life, please contact me. I will add you to my mailing list, so you will be kept informed on the latest schedule of courses.


Transformation Through Dowsing

  • Heal Yourself & Your Home. Understand the Energies Around You

  • Introduction to Dowsing.

  • Connect with Your Inner self

  • Check the Health of Your Aura, Chakras etc

  • Find vit/min deficiencies, allergies, remedies, missing objects

  • Learn How To Dowse With Pendulums & L Rods


Dowsing for Geopathic Stress in the Home

  • Understand and detect non beneficial energies within a property that can lower the immune system & contribute to ill health.

  • Map Dowsing

  • Dowse for Geopathic/Geomagnetic/Geopsychic Stress


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 "We are indebted to Sandra for her special healing work. At our lowest point we were unable to sleep in our house, our relationship was endangered, our health very poor and our financial situation seemed truly hopeless. Sandra did healing work for ourselves and our house and we noticed the improvements immediately. Sandra's advice is simple and yet extremely effective if taken seriously. All aspects of her help have proven of long-term value, and when we recently asked for Sandra's assistance in enabling a harmonious sale of our house, we were delighted to be able to sign the contract within 4 weeks of her work. We can wholeheartedly recommend Sandra's healing work!"

-Mr & Mrs Lauren, Germany


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